Slow Your Roll: 5 Reasons Why It’s Too Early For The PS4

After hearing numerous reports from insiders on the Microsoft side of the ocean about a new Xbox being announced this year, many folks started to raise questions about whether Sony would ramp up the idea of a PS4 coming out in the near future. I think folks need to slow down just a tad and here are my top five reasons why it’s too early for the PS4.

5. SEN: Although the SEN has gone through a re-naming I don’t think it’s come anywhere close to reaching its full potential. There are still uniformity issues that make small things both unnecessarily complex and don’t promote community. With small things like a universal invite system, I understand that a lot of liberty is given to the developers in how they want to implement this but Sony should give guidelines that streamline things for the user. There are other things that I believe they should do, for example put a mic in every box. These are things that grow the community, give devs a reason to add the feature to games and keep everyone on a level playing field. Get these things right before moving on a new system.

4. Install Base: The PS3 has basically matched its competitor in terms of number of boxes in homes after being severely behind for the first couple of years. Unless Sony is going to drop the PS4 before Microsoft debuts their machine I think they need to stay put. With its focus on Kinect and more social media apps, Microsoft has shown that it is less interested in catering to its hardcore fanbase. Right now Microsoft’s first-party support is as visible as Samuel Jackson’s hairline: nowhere to be found. Sony would have the upper hand and could wait to spend that money on research and development so that when the PS4 drops it can have killer hardware packed in.

3. The Vita: I think that there were some lost opportunities to get some things right with the PSP. Sony can totally revolutionize cross-platform play and content if they focus on the interconnectivity these systems have. “Remote Play” was more gimmick than asset on the PSP. I think if they focus on some of these things now, they could have an amazing bullet point on the next PS4 box.

2. Life Cycle: Everyone right now who is clamoring for a new system needs to have a seat. Most of the time they ask for this it’s because of graphic fidelity. I really want these folks to calm down. Why, you ask? Here is your reason: EVERY system gets better graphically with age, most of the best graphical showcase games on PS2 came towards the end of its life cycle. GOW2, MGS3 and Grand Turismo are just some of the beautiful games we got toward the end of the cycle. Even after playing Uncharted 3 this year, I know that games can look better.

1. “There are no original ideas”: People have become complacent with the FPS deluge that we’ve been accustomed to but there are still awesome games coming out in this generation. Twisted Metal, Journey, Bioshock Infinite and Starhawk are on the horizon. Yes, they could have been pushed back until a new system comes out but then what would you have to play? I am as excited to see new hardware as the next person but I also want new ideas and you are going have less of a chance to produce those titles on a new system that needs to sell.

I understand that many folks are excited by new technology but sometimes the want exceeds the actual need. We still have great gaming moments coming this generation and I welcome all the goodness coming our way.


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