Pax East 2012!

Pax East 2012 was this past weekend and we at the SpawnPointBlog wanted to check out some of the awesome sights and sounds that Beantown had to offer.

Seeing as how we had a limited amount of time to check out all the goodies, we had to make some concessions on what we would cover. So the first thing we hit was Ghost Recon Future Soldier from Ubisoft. The booth was a two tiered stage with eight screens on which their new game mode “Guerrilla” was being shown.

Ghost Recon pax

When I spoke with the Ubisoft rep he described “Guerrilla” as a tactical, team-based “horde-ish” type game mode. It consists of fifty rounds with a vehicle or special enemy spawning every tenth round. He said that it’s drop-in / drop-out and each map can take up to five hours to complete. With six total maps that is thirty hours alone in just that particular mode. The game looked beautiful and sounded amazing. The light-shifting camo looks AWESOME and the controls felt just like how a Ghost Recon game should feel. The difficulty was on “easy” but the AI was still pretty tough, so folks going into this should know that this won’t be something you casually play, you will need to pay attention and communicate to survive. The game should be out later this year and we’ll have our review a little bit after launch.

Here is a quick glimpse of some gameplay:

Next up was Assassins Creed 3. Although there weren’t any kiosks to play the game there was a huge monolithic black box which housed a theater to watch a 15-minute guided tour.

AC3 looked amazing. They discussed a bunch of new interesting technical additions to the game like new tree physics and a rebuilt animation system for the main character. Huge battles raging off the distances and really cool cinematic fight mechanics. I came away really impressed with what the new game will have to offer, fans of the series should be in for a treat. Newbies will also have new toys to play with that will get them up and running in no time.

We also got the chance to to get hands-on with Borderlands 2, we are really excited about the massive lands and co-op opportunities that are to be had with that game. It felt super responsive and the new cell-shading techniques they used really make everything pop off the screen. Lots of lush colors and definition on everything made the game lovely to look at. The Siren and Gunzerker were playable and I chose the Siren for my fifteen minute playthough. She had a stasis power that froze any enemy in place and made it easier to shoot. I can see how that class in a four person group can be amazing at keeping enemies at bay while people grab health or retreat.

The real reason you play Borderlands 2 is because of the insane amount of guns you can use. In my session I counted about seven to eight different guns all with vastly different appearances and attributes. There was a small rapid-fire mini pistol and a incendiary round shotgun. The multitude of weapons at your disposal is pretty crazy. Controls felt tight, snappy and overall raised my level of excitement for the game in general.

Pax East was a blast and although we didn’t have a huge amount of time, we did get to roam the halls of the convention center and see some cool games. We spotted some industry folk like Alex Navarro from Giantbomb and took a snapshot or two of Jessica Nigri from Lollipop Chainsaw fame. You can check out those pics over at our G+ page here.

Next year look out for some pretty in-depth coverage and a bunch more content. If you have any questions or comments hit us up below.


One response

  1. Marcness

    It’s a good thing I’ve been playing Ghost Recon Online for a while now. It looks like I can transition easily from game to game, since the controls look similar. The cover system looks the same.

    Oh yeah, what are the specs of your PC again? I was able to play it on a lower-end PC. Dual core AMD CPU @1.2GHz, but with a decent vid card (Radeon HD 4850). I didn’t do as well, only because the 67″ HDTV (!) it was hooked up to had video lag, so it was REALLY hard to shoot enemies. I need a fellow Ghost to play with!!! I have a beta key waiting for you! 🙂

    April 10, 2012 at 10:01 AM

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