Comedy Central’s Indecision: How Elections Should Be Done

In an effort to both get away from the 24-hour news cycle and prove my superior knowledge of random trivia, I downloaded the new iOS/Android game from Comedy Central and 2KPlay called “Indecision”.

The game starts with the three factions (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) on rising bars to show whose group is leading the race. This is determined by how many users have won their games based on which party they’ve chosen. You then choose your lovely avatar and customize them with all the adornments you have at your disposal. As you can see below my faux me looks amazing with his smart bowler hat and 500˚ suntan.


Once your frankenyou is done, jumping into a game is super easy. You can play random people or, if you’ve connected your Facebook account, snagging a willing friend to play is a snap as well. Unlike many FB-connected games, this one is way less intrusive than most and will not bug you asking you multiple times for help. (Thank you 2K.)

The goal of the game is to answer questions so that you can collect “voters” to place upon a map of the United States. Each state has a number attributed to it, and the first person to 100 wins the game and helps their political party overall.

What I really like and appreciate about the game is that the questions aren’t just about recent politics. There have been questions that have gone as far back as the 60’s. This feels like it gives everyone a pretty fair playing field to work with when answering questions. I am no history buff but have done pretty well with trivia from the B.K. Era (Before Kahlief).

If you are having trouble figuring out which Vice President couldn’t spell “potato”, you have the option of using the game’s version of “life-lines”. Politically and aptly named the “Investigative Committee” and “Ballot Peek”.

You can use these as many times as you want as long as you have the money to spend on them. You can use money for life-lines and to purchase new wares for your avatar. You can earn in-game money by leveling up.

The best tactics you can use in your quest for continental domination are your “Political Aides”

These tools can be implemented to give your side a quick boost or turn the tide if you are down big.

The Filibuster: slows your opponent down when they are answering a question. This is super helpful in case of ties — the tie breaker is determined by who answered their questions the fastest.

The Recount: instantly gives you an extra three markers to place on the map.

The Smear Campaign: randomly will take a state away from your opponent.

I’ve come from behind a couple of rounds by using one or a combination of these. You have to choose wisely though because once you do they will not be available to you for a couple of rounds.

Indecision is really fun — asynchronous games like this are perfect for mobile devices. You will at some point find that you are running into repeat questions but at the end of the day you get an awesome experience that is totally free.


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