5 Fighting Game Characters that should have been played by Snoop Lion


This past week 505 Games and Snoop Lion put out a game called “Way of the Dogg” that is a Rhythm Heaven knock off with a revenge plot. The game seemed to come out of nowhere and from the reviews around the web, I doubt that it will really make any headway on its prospective gaming platforms. “Way of the Dogg” seems totally like a throwaway title with few redeeming qualities, and although I think the game will melt away into obscurity I do think the Snoop Dogg/Lion brand is still kind of awesome.

That made me ponder what fighting games would have been even more awesome with a smidgen of Snoop in the mix and thus I begat my top five list of characters that would have been way better if played by the D-O double G.

5 – Nicotine CaffeSnoop – Samurai Showdown Series


Reasons why Snoop would make a great Nicotine:

  • Both have the special move to alter their opponent’s ability to control themselves.
  • Snoop and Nicotine are known to take life lightly and are often seen smiling, even when fighting.
  • Both have the ability to blow a small poisonous cloud at their opponent.

4. Smoop – Mortal Kombat series


Reasons why Snoop would make a great Smoke:

  • Do I really have to say why? Really? C’Mon.
  • Both are defined by being able to emit a cloud of smoke or vapor
  • Both Smoke and Snoop have the power of invisibility but Snoop’s is special because it seems to only work around members of law enforcement.

3 – VolSnoop – Soul Calibur Series


Reasons why Snoop would make a great Voldo:

  • Both are known for their eccentric behavior and style of dress
  • Snoop and Voldo were trapped for long periods of time by both money and the hold of a powerful leader
  • Like Voldo, Snoop’s character has revolved around a specific trait. Voldo has his karars and Snoop has his resemblance to a Doberman Pincher; both have made them extremely popular.

2- DhalSnoop – Street Fighter Series


Reasons why Snoop would make a awesome Dhalsim:

1- VertiSnoop – Primal Rage


Reasons Snoop would make an awesome Vertigo:

  • Both Snoop and Vertigo are a mix of two different animals.
  • Both have the power to hypnotize both friend and foe.
  • Both are hell-bent on world domination.

We can see from this post that there is nothing that can’t benefit from adding a little Snoop to the mix. Games past, present and future can achieve greatness with this formula. If there are any other characters that you can think of that would be more Snooptactular please tell us in the comments below.


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