SpawnPointBlog #E3 Microsoft Simulwatch



Today we will be “Simulwatching” Microsoft’s and Sony’s press conferences and we would love to have you guys participate.

If you have any pithy things to say about what you see or hear comment using the hashtag #TSPe3 on Twitter or G+ and you may see your comment on screen.

Our room is currently open but won’t go live until the around 12:20PM EST

Our Stream is below, this should be awesome!!



Bioshock Infinite Spoilercast

Bioshock Inifnite in my opinion is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It has sparked so much interesting conversation about a multitude of different subjects that we had to sit down and try to figure it all out. I was lucky enough to have Martin from the SuperJawnCast and Shareef from with me the other night to try and tie up all the loose ends and it was a whole bunch of fun.

We break down likes and dislikes and towards the end get into all of the juicy spoiler-rific bits. There aren’t any spoilers for the first hour or so.

Check how it all went down here and let us know what you thought in the comments:

Leaked Battlefield 4 trailer!!

Looks like someone leaked the trailer 6 hours early, check it out here first!!

Saints Row 4 is coming August 23rd

I usually don’t post news stories like this but I had to spread the word for those that didn’t see the announcement. One of my favorite games of last year is coming back and it looks to be crazier than ever.

Many folks wondered what would happen to the franchise after the acquisition of the IP by Deep Silver (makers of Dead Island). It looks like they let the folks at Volition do what they do best, make over-the-top games.

The best news is that we don’t have to wait that long for all this madness. It releases August 23rd, anyone want to buy me a early birthday present 🙂

Check out the trailer via here:

IndieCade East 2013 Spotlight – Blindside Interview


While doing some research on IndieCade’s webpage, I came across a game that had a really inventive concept: the idea of an audio-only game. Blindside by Aaron Rasmussen and Michael T. Astolfi is an audio-only game in a 3D space. This former Kickstarter project has come to life on the iOS platform and has provided a truly unique experience. A voice guides you around your environment, trying to lead you in a direction away from your prey. It’s one of those games that you want to tell your friends about and ask after they are done how the game made them feel.

Games like this are what make the survival horror genre so much fun.

Check out our interview below for more info on how Blindside came to be.