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SpawnPointBlog #E3 Microsoft Simulwatch



Today we will be “Simulwatching” Microsoft’s and Sony’s press conferences and we would love to have you guys participate.

If you have any pithy things to say about what you see or hear comment using the hashtag #TSPe3 on Twitter or G+ and you may see your comment on screen.

Our room is currently open but won’t go live until the around 12:20PM EST

Our Stream is below, this should be awesome!!


Look Who Showed Up In Injustice:GAU Today


So we got a laugh this morning when Ed Boon revealed today that the next DLC character to be put into Injustice will be MK favorite Scorpion. With the help of MKvsIce’s Youtube channel we brought you this news a month or so ago. If you’d like to see the some of the other characters coming down the pipe check out our story here.

It looks like most of Scorpion’s moveset is kept intact with a couple of wrinkles here and there, but honestly it comes off as a little bit lazy on the developers part to include him and not jazz him up a bit. His super move is also pretty damn lame, as a huge Injustice fan I’m really disappointed with his inclusion but the surprise at the end of the video more than makes up for it.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Second Injustice Season Pass DLC already found?


It looks like the find folks over at the MKIceVsFire Youtube channel might have found some juicy new information about the second round of DLC you would receive in the Injustice Season Pass.

Again all this is speculation BUT, if this turns out to be true this would be a total turn-around from what many people felt was a weak proposed DLC lineup.

Batgirl, the first leaked character has been confirmed by Ed Boon and Netherealm, so the assumption that the rest of that list should be true as well, if you missed that story and lineup check it out here.

The major additions to the possible leaked second round are Red Hood, Power Girl, Sub-Zero and the highly anticipated and wanted Martian Manhunter. People since day one have been clamoring for Manhunter to be in the game and if this comes to pass everyone should be really happy.

Here is a link to the Youtube video, thanks to MKIceVsFire again for always providing such awesome information, let’s hope these rumors are true!

Tell us what your thoughts on this possible roster update and how you are liking the game so far.

Possible DLC Character Leak for Injustice: Gods Among Us?


The smash hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us has been one of the most anticipated games of the year not only because of Netherealm’s fighting game prowess but because of the diverse roster. With Ed Boon’s announcement of the Lobo as the first DLC character people have been waiting to find out who is next.

Some crafty gamers might have found out by digging into the game’s disc source code.

If the information proves to be correct the newest characters might be  Lobo, Zod, Batgirl and surprise…. Scorpion

Check out the links here:

and the Youtube video from MKIceVsFire, a well pretty reliable MK source.

We will see how much of this holds water and if so how they play.

What do you think of the additions, tell us below in the comments.

Retro Gaming Goodness at DigitalPress

We are about to turn another gaming corner in a couple of months. The jump to the new next-gen consoles is upon us, and we will go into a future of prettier and more expansive games. Ones which will bring a new level of fidelity and give game makers more interesting ways to tell stories.

This past week I was taken to a place that relishes in not going forward, a place that believes honoring and showcasing old school games is its life’s meaning. Digital Press in Clifton, NJ is a magical place for retro game lovers, a non-assuming place where people wear many hats. A friendly store clerk will go seamlessly from “perfecting” you in Street Fighter 3 to ringing up your Sega Master System purchase. Patrons are just as impressive, I think people should visit this place sometimes just for the overheard conversations. Then can totally run the gamut from anecdotal musings of gaming greatness to encyclopedic breakdowns of retro lore and strategy. DigitalPress is both fascinating for the laymen and nerdgasm inducing for the fanboy.

I wanted just to share some of the sights from that awesome day with you all and hope that you check out their site and give their storefront a visit. Arcade cabinets, gaming tournaments, geekdom and possibly cake pops await!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A huge thanks goes out to my friends Marc and Berit for taking me retro gaming mecca. I can’t wait to return, next time with money.